Since 2011, Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA) has aimed at building a new promising future for the Asian countries through active cooperation and constant exchange of ideas and knowledge between people from different countries. Our slogan is "beyond natural disasters, to the world, to the future". We have partnered up with several Japanese, Korean and other international organizations. Most of our volunteer activities so far have targeted only Koreans and Japanese people. But now, as we are living in a globalized world, we feel that it is a must to embrace people of all nationalities.

Therefore, we want to offer ACOPIA House for anyone who is interested in cultural exchange, international activities and/or volunteering. All young people who wish to take part will be welcomed. We hope to continue our mutual journey this year, and in the future as well. ACOPIA offers accommodation which are tailored to your needs on your unforgettable journey . From the welcoming people you will meet to the restaurants around you that will have you craving for more, you are sure to enjoy your time in Korea.

benefits for acopia house residents.png

Taylor, USA

"To be honest, the share house is actually much nicer than I expected! I have a large bedroom with lots of space for all of my new Korean skincare products. The apartment itself has a very nice kitchen, and my favorite room, the living room, has sliding glass doors that let in a lot of natural light. The area is still full of energy at night, even though it's located on the quieter side of the city. There's always something to do, including hiking the mountain trail that only 10 minutes away!"

Lia, Philippines

"The share house is really cozy to live in. It's located in the lively part of Hongdae and it's near the station as well."


Dom, Philippines

"The share house has a very warm and cozy feeling. There is a neat space for us to have guests over. Overall, I like how it is equipped with everything that we could possibly need during our brief stay here in Korea!"


Josh, Philippines

"I have always been the type of person who's attached with familiar things. Living in Korea, I have never felt like an outsider because of the share house. ACOPIA's shared house makes me feel like I have another home here in Seoul. Not only was I able to enjoy the comforts of Seoul better, but I was also able to meet new friends that taught me life long lessons."

Dana, Philippines

"We've been living in the share house for about a month now. In general, I like the cozy vibe that really makes me feel at home. It is very clean and has everything we need. It also gives us the opportunity to interact with students of other nationalities and learn their culture."


You are welcome at the ACOPIA House.